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Meet Don

As a working class Illinoisan, Don has professional experience in Healthcare, with Non-Profits, in the food industry and data management. 

Faith and family are very important to Don. Heas three grandchildren and has been married to his wonderful wife Renee for 44 years. Don is a Parish Council President, and Co-President at St. Vincent DePaul. 

Don wants to represent us in Springfield because he believes that we can build a better Illinois not only for our children and for generations to come. 

Your Neighbor & Advocate

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You're paying for broken campaign promises. Democrats have raised your taxes. Illinois leads the nation in gas and property taxes, along with the number of home foreclosures. 

Parents should have the final say in what's best for their children – NOT government. Don will protect the rights of parents and the unborn.

It's time for Illinois to provide school choice.

It's time to for us to have

someone in Springfield fight for policy that will keep us safe. Don supports restoring cash bail to keep dangerous criminals from being out on our streets.

Corruption has cost Illinoisans $10.6 billion since 2000.  Illinois needs to increase transparency and penalties for public officials convicted of corruption.

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The 50th District
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